Worth it

I’m worth it. Heart choking with scars, Eyes with half shining stars, With legs feeling as if stuck in tar. But I will not take a detour. My pocketful of sunshine will be my north star. I will keep marching on Cause I’m still worth it. You’re worth it! The pot of gold at the … More Worth it

Computer Love

Swiped right for I felt you were my perfect match. Stop questioning the marks on my jagged heart. For hat’s the show of how much debugging I had to be compatible with your interface. When I was just about to crash Your programming rebooted my failing system. You, the antivirus to my demons. Your touch … More Computer Love

The Dance

Heart on remission, Making a new decision To embark on this new mission. Lips touching the edge of his heart: Tempting, tasting, tantalising. Darting and dipping. Dipping and sipping. Inebriating. Catalytic. You’re the drink and I’m the food. Mind with a new vision, To love without conditions. His tips caressing my mind: Potent, possessing, pirouetting. … More The Dance


I’m tired of loving and while at it afraid they won’t return when they walk out the door. I’m tired of giving my all while at the back of my mind doubting if he even wants me whole. I’m tired of being afraid to love wholeheartedly while I think they might have another. Or worse … More Calculus

Blurred lines

Mine. Porcelain fine. Five feet nine. Your heart my shrine. Your mind my goldmine. My go to cloud nine. My good luck sign. You were mine! The backbone to my spine. The caviar to my wine. The sway to my whine. Goddamn mine! Then, One moment, A life changing moment, It all changed. Yet nothing … More Blurred lines


My safe haven; Your arms. My keen mirror; Your eyes. My rock and shield; Your faith and love. My foundation; Your feet. My mind; Your treasure land. My lips; Your wine. My heart; Your rhyme My soul; Your powerhouse. Two hearts One choice Illuminating the world with our beat. Two bodies One high Playing like … More Doppelganger

My Elixir

I noticed your face and yearned to know you. I closed my eyes and willed my mind to draw you. For you seemed worthy of an imprint in my magnificent vault. Demeanor easy and cool to my taste. Into your arms, I felt mellow: The icing to my cake. Your thighs beneath mine intoxicating every … More My Elixir

Drop date

As the rain falls upon you, Down your forehead Onto your eyelashes Tasting your skin, cheeks and lips. You think of me. Reaching out to me, Teasing and tempting. Touching my skin, As I trail my lips down the path the drops took. Panting, wanting and needing. Wanting the feel of my warm embrace engulfing … More Drop date

Upeo wa Mapenzi

Nimefika upeo wa furaha! Fikira zangu kwako kanipa karaha. Nilipokutizama mwili wangu wote ulizama. Kanipa nguvu kufika kilele, Ukaninyanyua nitembe. Kinywa kimya bila tenzi, Dumbala kunitoka bila aibu. Nasfi yangu kachezacheza ulipotabasamu lazizi, Huku pumzi kunipunguka. Uzuri wako ulifanya nilie kishenzi. Eh! nitapagawa au niwe chizi wa mapenzi! Uumbaji huu sikuona kasoro, Ila nilijua hakuna … More Upeo wa Mapenzi

Monday crush men

Today before the scorching sun fades into its cocoon And before the entrance of the shimmery moon. Before a thought that seems pressing temporarily pushes you off in our thoughts, Today as the cosmos celebrates you, we join in too. We acknowledge you for who you are, What you say and do, For you blood, … More Monday crush men