Fear Not

I no longer live in fear, I refuse to! It rob me off of so much.I also refuse to let my people drown in it.Such manipulations are no longer on my menu.Draining, caging is fear of losing me. Where there is love, I refuse fear to thrive.Strings attached yesBut in a freeing, respectful way, So … More Fear Not

Part of Us

What about the memories we’ve forgotten?What about the pain and joy we can no longer remember?What about the feelings felt and forsaken?Parts of us that are no longer part of us. How we easily fell of the path, beaten, The love that was to save us but left only embers, The filthy feelings fed our … More Part of Us


His game of seduction Oh was my main attraction.  Succinctly whispering,  Tasting my waters,  Teasing,  Sipping then slipping,  Sending chills down my spine Getting my stomach knotting.  Knees weak and oh held me he did Held me so hard I couldn’t move.  No, nothing naughty.  Just fear making me whimpering Oh faithful was he That eventually, impregnated me.  Anxiety, rage, hate, … More Lifted


Oh! You better raise that chin,  Don’t let that beauty go unseen,  No longer does that reflection  Cause an infliction.  It just gives back lotsa love and affection.  Now you’re no more swimming in a sea of guilt about sin,  No more.  Look at me!  No more drowning in shame and your past pains,  We … More Infinite

Happy New Month!

Another new month, New slate, Full plate, Full of opportunities,Love,Fun,Health, Wealth, Growth is all I wish for you. May you be crowned with faith so deepTo see you through the trials and tribulations, May you be raised with love strong enoughTo not only raise yourself but the other, May you be adorned with patience, perseverance … More Happy New Month!

Rambling Hunger Pains

Rambling hunger pains whispering, Taunting, invoking;This dark chocolat of a skin reminiscing the love notes your lips imprinted,Fingertips tattooing fiery impulses down my bellyButterflies crowning you king. The way you put your lips on me, Inebriating- tongues speaking that french Inducing a natural high so incredible. Gentle bites, striking kisses and healing aura Quenching thirsts … More Rambling Hunger Pains

…For the book lover

“Bewitched, Mesmerised,  Book!  To them,  We’re reading dead words on dead trees. Dead trees!  You mean  Do they know when our minds touches those words it’s like we’ve ignited magic.  To us we are living a thousand times over.  Magic, is what we hold in between our hands Mingling with great minds, heavenly worlds Uncouth things, people, place Slaying … More …For the book lover

Tripod Balance

‘Funny how silent and listen are made of the exact same letters, ⁣Their concepts intertwineJust different placement.⁣So why can’t one be spiritual and still sexual?⁣Same body, different faculties different hungers that need to be fed. ⁣Its like yin yang,⁣Like faith, hope and love, ⁣None can stand straight without the other. ⁣Balance is key,⁣Feed the body, … More Tripod Balance


Mama, you’re an unimaginable work of art, The queen of my heart Food for my soul, The apple of my eye And my all time kinda high. The Gemini twins have nothing on you, Cos you’re a priceless GEM! Where do I even begin, Sigh! No words can put a picture to what you mean … More Mama…