…For the book lover

“Bewitched, Mesmerised,  Book!  To them,  We’re reading dead words on dead trees. Dead trees!  You mean  Do they know when our minds touches those words it’s like we’ve ignited magic.  To us we are living a thousand times over.  Magic, is what we hold in between our hands Mingling with great minds, heavenly worlds Uncouth things, people, place Slaying … More …For the book lover

Tripod Balance

‘Funny how silent and listen are made of the exact same letters, ⁣Their concepts intertwineJust different placement.⁣So why can’t one be spiritual and still sexual?⁣Same body, different faculties different hungers that need to be fed. ⁣Its like yin yang,⁣Like faith, hope and love, ⁣None can stand straight without the other. ⁣Balance is key,⁣Feed the body, … More Tripod Balance


Mama, you’re an unimaginable work of art, The queen of my heart Food for my soul, The apple of my eye And my all time kinda high. The Gemini twins have nothing on you, Cos you’re a priceless GEM! Where do I even begin, Sigh! No words can put a picture to what you mean … More Mama…

Let me love me!

All I want to do is feel you,Feed on you, And feed you.But how could I when I’m so starved?How could I pour myself into you yet I am this poor?I gave my pieces to Tom, Dick, Harry and BarryNow, my heart is empty, my hands barren. I’m naked. I have none for you and … More Let me love me!

The Anchor

“Why not give faith a chance? ⁣⁣If we got faith’s back⁣⁣Its has got us too! ⁣⁣I don’t mean Faith the she⁣⁣With the sexy lisp, ⁣⁣The Medusa twists, ⁣⁣And the swaying hips.⁣⁣No. ⁣⁣Neither pun or fun intended here. ⁣⁣I mean the fruit that makes the impossible⁣⁣Possible.⁣⁣I mean the crown jewel to love and hope.⁣⁣I mean the … More The Anchor


⁣⁣⁣”On tip toes⁣Reaching out for your lips⁣As if it’s my true north⁣Searching, seeking⁣Speaking in tongues. ⁣Its you that I’m feeling,⁣Filling⁣And feeding on like you’re the words from my poetry.⁣Slipping, sipping, sliding…⁣Catalysing this fire between us. ⁣Your hands grabbing onto my derriere like they’re your lifeline⁣Getting lost in the drum beats of our hearts⁣Crying grey skies … More High

Let’s IT

“I think am officially nuts about you… So let’s do this math:You make me go bananas and I pray that we may never splitFor you’re strong to the teeHolding me up when I’m crumbly and weak. The pea to my pod, Encapsulating me in the warmth of your love and affection While crowning me with … More Let’s IT

Isn’t it Nice?

“It must be nice having someone to dance with next to the firelight? ⁣Temperature rising because Lord you give me fever. ⁣I want to have you forever.⁣Isn’t it nice to have someone who loves me even when they’ve seen my demons waging war⁣Raging, ⁣Hiding my shine, ⁣Dining in my pain, ⁣Jubilating in my sadness…? Instead … More Isn’t it Nice?