Getting Back Your Groove In Positivity

wake up and all you look forward to again is that the day ends and you get
back to your oh sweet REM sleep. Nothing seems to be going your way any
more. Its simply either stationary or deteriorating: so is your faith,
belief system and attitude. You have been patient as told by your mentors
because your time is coming and its no easy. Besides, somethings are way
beyond your control with the exception of one.

negative attitude is like a flat tire. You’ll never go anywhere until
you change it. Want to
change the direction of your life? Simply start by changing your
attitude towards life.

throws at us all kinds of fireballs; warm sweet moments and hot harsh ones.
We exponentially savor the sweets moments but we get so engrossed in
getting out of the harsh ones that we get lost in it and if we see no way
out of them, our attitudes become bleached with negativity and impossible
thinking thus giving up. But does that mean its irreversible? Not at all.
It means there is time for everything: time to be negative and time to
change that attitude towards greatness called positive and possibility
thinking. Life is the reflection of your thoughts, so generate pure
thoughts to make it beautiful.
The power
of a smile is normally underestimated but there is always this positive
enticing vibe it brings about. So start with a smile to yourself across the
mirror then to a total stranger. Then write down a positive mantra about
you and your life so that you may chant it every morning after giving
thanks to your creator, whether you believe it or not. Sooner or later,
you’ll notice that your attitude would start to change.

Laugh, laugh, laugh: laughter is the best medicine. Laughing
releases good feel hormones-endorphines. Find a way to laugh at life
situations, good or bad. Listen to inspirational music. Walk with
people who have a positive attitude towards life. Love yourself for
who you are without conditions. Learn to forgive yourself and others
too. Do things that you enjoy like dancing. Count the things in your
life that money can’t buy and you’ll see how rich you are. And never
be too proud to ask for help.
Its the little things that matter most in life that make a
big difference. So start small with that attitude change.

positivity be your compass through harsh times and ecstatic moments. Let
it define the shape and color of your life. We cannot take hold of some
events but we can, you can, take charge of your attitude . Be a spark of
positivity and your life would be much more worthwhile.”


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