Change. Just the mention of the verb gives me the creeps and we all now why. Being human, I tend to be resistant to change whether its for the better or otherwise. But change is inevitable. Change most of the time means growth. That being said you wonder why we still are resistant. Maybe cos we are too comfy where we are in life. It certainly feels good and we don’t want to change that (that word again). Or simply put we are afraid to move ahead. But what you didn’t know is that everything is in motion. If you are not moving forward its just logic that you are disintergrating.

But there is more to change that meets the eye. It all starts with the mind. Our mind constitutes the conscious mind and the subconscious. The conscious mind governs what we think and reasoning. The subconscious mind, unlike the conscious mind, accepts any idea/ concept that is pressed on it. The subconscious in turn brings into reality whatever you have been thinking all along through the conscious mind.
The subconscious mind is quite beautiful because it acts like a software programme. It contains all the beliefs that have been repeated over and over till it became a habit. So you may decide to change something about your life through your conscious mind but the subconscious mind is telling another story. If you want to change something about your life, start by reprogramming your subconscious mind by repetition of positive affirmations. Do it over and over till it becomes.
On that note, since I mainly knit scarves, I challenged myself to knit an afghan. To be honest I did not. Not because I was scared I.would fail or it would take up more time than usual (my usual excuses) but because the afghan pattern was un rice stitch and I was using acyrlic yarn and ends up cutling up 😦  But that was not in vain, I ended up knit poached. That right there is change however small.




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