I am who I am because of who You are!

It has taken an assertive will,  determination, vision, burning desire, love, knowledge, belief, faith, hope, love, dreams….to make it through a whole year. A year filled with not only challenges and sorrows but also triumph and happiness. It is not only by my strength that I have made it this far but it is by the full strength and unconditional love of my Almighty Father.

Made fearfully and wonderfully in the image and likeness of God, I am.
I am who I am because of who He is!
I am love because He is love!
I am good because He is good!
I am abundant because He is abundant!
I am creative because He is creative!
I am successful because he is successful!
I live because He lives, oh Father!
I live for you; an expression of the beauty of Your mind!
By knowing You I have known me in a deeper sense.

I give You all the praise and gratitude for giving me another year.
Thank You for my health in the past year.
Thank You for the love You had and still have for me.
Thank You for my family.
Thank You for all the success I have had.
Thank You for the strength I had when I was weak.
Thank You for the courage You instilled in me when fear set in.
Thank You for the money energy I had.
Thank You for the creative ideas I had.
Thank You for the unwavering faith and belief you had in me.
Thank You for the magical air that I have breathed.
Thank You for the food I have ate.
Thank You for the shelter.
Thank You for the clothing.
Thank You for the sun.
Thank You for the rain.
Thank You for the clothing.
Thank You for the tears and sorrow.
Thank You for the joy and laugher.
Thank You for a blessed year!
Thank You for who You are!

Thy will be done this year! This year is a year of completion; I give thanks for this perfect year, miracle shall follow miracle and wonders shall never cease!


Happy Earthday to me!

With lots of love 🙂


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