Does it always have to be a competition?

What happened to being a better person rather than being a better person than so and so?
What happened to being successful rather than being more successful than the other?
What happened to enjoying the little achievements that lead to the big one rather than starting something and expecting a big boom immediately?
What happened that everything has to be a competitiom always? Does everything in life have to be a race? Are we in so much rush that we do not build strong, well rooted foundations? Strong furious challenges come and we uprooted because we did not take the time to build appropriate foundations. Microwave generation they call us. At first I was like thats so not true until I realised I was hooked on it too. Hooked in the ‘get things done fast’ lane. In the process taking shortcuts that lead to results that do not last.
Don’t we want success that lasts? Don’t we want love that lasts? Don’t we all want love that lasts? Don’t we want happiness and joy that lasts? Don’t we want money that lasts? Then why are we in a rush and in the process taking the short courses that won’t last because we are so focused on being better than the other.
I know not one person who does not want to be a better person and have a better amazing life.
Life does not have to be a competition. We compete mainly because we think there isn’t enough for everyone. But that is not true. The fact that their is enough sun and air for every human, animals and plants should be proof enough. Our create is more than abundant and generous while at it too. He is just waiting for us to ask for what we want, believe and He delivers. Always.
Ever woken up late for an appointment or for work or for an interview? The race that would happen right after getting out of bed could knock someone out cold if you found them on your way. While rushing, you forget to give thanks for another day, you do not take note of the beautiful sunrise, you do not even take time to ask how your loved ones sleep. Little things but they mean so much. That is what you miss and much more when racing to get to your goal.
Take your sweet time. Know what you want. Pray for guidance. Analyse and plan the way forward. Take action making sure you do not take shortcuts.
Or maybe my thinking is just twisted. Do tell me why I should compete. And let me relearn what I have learnt if it would push me forward. Otherwise am in no rush. But don’t get me wrong I am doing something to fulfill my desires so help me God.

With lots of love šŸ™‚


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