Dare to believe, but in what I ask?
Reality seems so much grounded and yet,
Exciting is the thought of the fulfilment of my dreams.
And what will they think of me, when I share…
Maybe they’ll cheer me on. Or just maybe laugh hysterically.
So what do I do? Do they even come true? Are they even real?
DREAMS! I meant”

I remember laying down on the lash green grass with my mate, gazing at the baby blue sunny sky and engrossed in wishful thinking. How we bubbled about how amazing it could be to live in a grande house and have all the money in the world. Oh we saw bubbly hearts float around us when we thought about prince charming. We built castles in the air like we were being paid. Little did we know that our imaginations and desires had power.
Deep down inside we somehow knew that they were just wishes. I mean, that is what we heard the adults say along with mantras like ‘life us hard’, ‘be realistic’, ‘go to school work hard and get a job’. There was no room for dreaming.
But it was not our wish to think that way or our fault for that matter. Neither was it the fault of those to whom we
picked up those limiting thoughts from. We were programmed that way because they were programmed that way and they passed it onto the next generation. That dreams just remained that.

However, that is not true. Not even close. Dreams are real and true as day and night. They are the very essence of our being. They have power in them. They shape our life. They moves us forward. They keep us motivated, inspired and excited for a new tommorrow. A better tommorrow for that matter. They keep us connected to God.

Take a good look around you. How many things can you see that was someone else’s dream that you are now using or admirring? We are using their dream. Our life is better because they activated their
dreams. Heck, some even fought and died to see the actualization of their dreams. Nelson Mandela being an exceptional example. So how real is our reality if it keeps changing according to our wants and needs? It changes because we keep dreaming of a better life. We can’t help but dream. And am not reffering to the closing your eyes at night kind of dreaming. I am talking about that which you see when you look at life through your minds eye or better yet your imagination.

Someone once said ‘our dreams are valid.’ And they are as long as you are alive. Does how accomplished and successful she is be a living proof enough that she is right? The difference might be she was not satisfied to leave her dreams hanging in between reality and the invincible realm. She either gave it her all to get where she is now. Maybe she knew to achieve her dreams would mean to propel the human race forward. I bet she has. Someone might have been inspired by her to not just dream but to live those dreams. To the maximum. All or nothing.

Some say dreaming is for kids or dreamers like you and I. So what? I dream and proud of it but what sets you and me apart from dreamers is the burning desire to achieve, unwavering faith and constant successful action. That makes a whole lot of difference. Mark 9:23 “Everything is possible for the person who believes.” If those words does not make you jump and make your dreams a reality then I don’t know what will.

Dare to,
Every exciting,
Magnificence in your,
Spiritual world AKA DREAM!

With lots of love 🙂


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