This thing called FAITH

Having lived for 25 years I still find some things fascinatingly intriguing . Some things just need to be experienced to be understood more clearly. Faith being one of them. I know, I know. 21st century protégés have been deemed the microwave generation and is that really fair? There are people, young people who are struggling with beliefs and faith and religion and/or spirituality. And frankly we just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Here you are stressed because you are late on some payment, you have a work deadline, your kid is pulling off tantrums and that one person you look up to talks so much you loose track of what they are saying but the one thing you heard being told to you is to have faith and let God do his thing. How, in the midst of all that chaos? Sigh. Oh I wouldn’t blame us if we run to the quickest solution even though it’s not the best. So what does it mean to have faith?

Some time back while watching ‘Flash’ the topic about beliefs and faith came along. One of the characters said that he has faith in things that he can see and feel… tangible things rather than have faith in the impossible. So I thought to myself, is he the crazy one or am I the crazy one because I have come to learn that faith is to believe in the unseen as though it was real.

Hebrews 11:1 ‘Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see(NIV).’ That verse gives me the jitters. Faith seems to go against our human sensuous nature. Maybe that’s why it’s such a challenge. How can I believe in something that I can’t see? And why? I know, more and more questions seem to pop.
Mark 11:24, whatsoever you ask for in prayer, if ye believe, ye shall receive. No restrictions to what you can do, be and have if only you have this thing called faith. It’s tough to believe when things around you are falling apart. However, it’s always a simple choice whether to believe or not.

You see, we do believe in the unseen everyday even though we claim we don’t have faith in anything anymore.
We know for sure that in a matter of hours daylight will ensue or night for that matter.
We know that when we wake up we will have air to breath.
We prepare for the next day yet it’s not a guarantee that we will be alive.
You know that when you turn on your phone it will be up and running.
You know that the food you eat will give you energy to sustain you all day long.
It is not 100% guarantee that all those will go right but you know they will. That is faith. So simple yet we make it complex, typical humans.

It’s those things that are dear to our hearts that seem to pose a challenge to our faith. The dreams, the wishes, the things that bring us joy, love, money, relationships… It’s these things that makes us doubt ourselves. It’s fear that is our protagonist . Fear displaces faith. You cannot serve to masters. It’s either you feed faith and starve your fears or feed yours fears and strangle your faith.

It takes persistence, discipline, love and hope to sustain faith. It never stands alone. It means going within you, your imagination, and seeing life like you want it with disregards of how life actually is and holding onto that image until it becomes reality.
Having faith is knowing your desires are fulfilled even though you don’t know how they would come about. It’s envisioning what is like to live in your dream home. It’s feeling how successful your business has taken off the ground despite what is happening economy-wise. It’s knowing there is someone special for you despite all the broken hearts around you and the scars in your heart. Having faith is believing in the impossible.

It takes crazy to have faith! Is it tough? Oh yes. It takes strength and courage to hold on to the broken dreams patched up with the only faith we have remaining. But is it worthy? Oh yes! Because if you keep at it, what was once seen will become seen and only you knew how that came about.


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