The tears,
The fears,
The jeers, 
The years,
That I have put my all on these dreams that seem so far from near.
They say starve the fear and feed the gem in your heart so dear,
That that’s the way to steer,
For your dreams to be real and clear.
But I’ve lost the strength to dream and dare.

Oh Lord,
Why should I keep on this fight? You say my future seems so bright.
That everything is going to be alright.
But I have run out of juice to puddle my might.
My vision no more has sight.
My mind, my heart, my soul seem so tight.
Nothing feels right.
My king and knight,
Take this wheel and take flight.

Dear child,
What is this silly banter that’s going on in your mind?
Why the worry,
And the thoughts so crazy.
I know your journey has been far from easy,
No roses or daisies,
To make the walk merry.
Whatsoever you want, pray believing you receiveth is the promise I made to make you free and happy.
No limitations whatsoever Miss smarty.
But all you have done is be angry and grumbly.
Open up your eyes to the possibilities of being all giddy and blessed richly.
Time to write another beautiful story.

All you see is the uncut dull stones herein.
Forgetting that in you lies heaven,
Your safe haven.
Acknowledge the diamonds and gold deep within.
And your life will change magically in a whim.


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