This is how society expects you to go.
Do this, do that,
Is what your peers expects of you.
What about what I want huh?
We are given one mind,
Ours for the taking.
Stop waiting for people to think for you.
For thinking is your greatest power.
No one else can sing my song,
No one else can dance my dance,
No one else can write my poem.
Only I.

Who says you can’t have it all?
That’s not greed.
Rather exercising your power for growth.
Expansion is all around us.
The fig was made barren for it bore no fruit.
The one talent man was stripped off his treasure for burying it.
You either grow or go down.
There is no such thing as dreaming too much.
We dream to grow,
We grow to exist.

Why say life is unfair,
Yet it gives you exactly what you bargained for.
The penny for the penny you begged for,
The millions for the millions you dreamed of.
The only mercy she will have on you,
Is giving you exactly what you asked of her.
Be bold and ask for what you want,
With no limitations.

Make your own rules
And let others do the same without prejudice,
Do what you love,
Love whom you want,
Dare to dream,
Be weird,
Be ‘crazy’,
Be you, for that’s all you got,
Don’t shy away from who you are for the sake of appearances.
You are important just the way you are.
But there is room for growth,
So grow, Every chance you get.
Be Free!


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