New Love

My heart feels dim,
Tainted and liquid.
You shot me but the arrow missed him.
I don’t know where all this love will go,
Or flow,
Lord I wanna blow.
His hands, his eyes drive me oh so crazy.
Thoughts of him holding me makes me weak in the knees.
His voice so deep makes me drowsy,
And wanna lay on his chest so badly.

My fractured heart cries, choose me.
I want it all.
The fall,
Together for the long haul.
I wanna stare deep into those eyes while savoring that kiss,
Oh the bliss, I wanna be his official miss.
His love is to my heart as the keyhole is to the keys.
He’s somebody that’s got direction, affection and connection to my soul.

Oh cupid,
Do you believe in love and the promises it brings,
The butterflies and the rings?
I do!
This is no fleeting fling,
It’s the raw real thing.
Queen to this king,
I am.
Thoughts of him makes my heart sing.
Do aim again, cupid, for he is the ultimate blessing.


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