It’s our time

Your smile puts me in a daze,
Setting my heart ablaze.
All I can do is gaze,
So amazed.
To the Lord I give praise,
For this moment and days to come,
For this love to blossom,
Without fear but with freedom.

You’re a magnificent work of art,
Slowly encroaching my heart.
Oh such a sweetheart.
Though we are apart,
This love keeps on growing fat.
Hands so strong and tender,
That sends my mind on a secret agenda.
What two minds have put together, no heart to put asunder.

You make my soul feel like gold.
Heaven has shone on us,
Making us tell a story that has never been told,
Of a love so bold,
Patient and never grows old.
Am forever thanking God,
For he has blessed me tenfold.


3 thoughts on “It’s our time

      1. Pleasure. Do drop by and have a look at my work. Don’t shy away from sharing your feedback.

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