The tears,
The fears,
The flaws
And hot messes,
I tried so hard to hide,
This grime side
In my mind I thought you’ll see how ugly I can be.
But beside me you stand,
Reminding me that that’s what makes me beautiful.
Loving me like I have never before,
Giving me a reason to let down my guard
And guide your love into my heart and soul.

I am not the easy of persons to love, but you live me anyway.

Sometimes past hurt gets me so hypnotised,
And mesmerized,
That I run away and hide rather than face my fears and take a stand.
But you shine your light of love upon me,
And remind me there is no shadow without light,
No happiness without a fight,
That you know I have the might to decide what’s right,
To make this second chance worth bright,
Or to get lost in past delights and fights?

So now I take a stand
One that I will savor every day till I bid goodbye to this land,
To do away with the past that didn’t last and to rewrite a history worth my heart.
Letting go of the fear and letting out the wild child that has been yearning for this crazy love.
Thank you for standing by me when I crumbled,
Holding the pieces that kept me half-whole till I was ready to gather them and grow.
Thank you for your belief in me that opened up my eyes to another glimpse of me.
Thank you for the joy and love that you have brought along with you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yes, I am not the easy of persons to love but I am still lovable.


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