Just like strangers

Just like strangers,
We met.
Our eyes darted across each other’s bodies.
My stomach, filled with butterflies.
My legs became too weak to hold me.
My palms, sweated profusely,
And huge grins filled our visages.

I then became your obsession,
Your favorite possession.
You lead me down a path of emotions,
That I have never felt before.
We shared each others passion.
We wrote memories that I can not fathom to erase,
Each other company, we savored.
You made the world have one less lonely girl.

But then,
Just then,
You took my fragile heart into your warm hands,
And shattered it into pieces.
You diminished me to the chaff of the earth,
And just like a stranger,
You were gone.

But I took the pieces of my heart,
Mourned and reminisced on the love we shared.
Each time I remembered the good times we drowned ourselves in,
I forgave you.
Each time I forgave you,
Pieces of my heart would be sewn back together.
And now my heart is scarred but whole.
Even though it may never look good as new,
I am healed of all anguish,
And ready to love.


2 thoughts on “Just like strangers

  1. I absolutely needed to read this today. I just recently got out of a long term relationship that ended pretty brutally…and we’ve now completely stopped talking to each other, and haven’t for some time. It’s been rough, and I honestly haven’t been able to get out of bed very much. Sorry. Spewing my life story. Anyway–I totally understand the being “ready to love again”, I’ve really been working on myself and have slowly grieved, which was oh so necessary. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece 👍

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