Forever Yours

  For so long I have hated on this day and the shenanigans that come long with it; the red roses, the chocolate, the red dresses, the huge huggable teddies and the rest of the red what-nots. Protesting on how every day should be valentine’s day. But I got to admit that deep down inside I have craved to celebrate this day with someone special. Not just about the gift exchanging but also to act goofy with this one person that knows me inside and out, to dance under the moon and stars with, to read to him my heartfelt poems and to do those little things that we forgot about that makes us all exhilarated. But most importantly to celebrate the trials we overcame, the triumphs so damn sweet that we achieved together, the tears that we had shed and shared, the smiles and laughter that ensued that kept us running into each other’s arms and to celebrate the fact that every day despite all that is going around and about us, we choose each other over and over. Sigh. My day will come.

Yes, every day should be like Valentine’s day. Another day to choose love over all other negative attributes. Everyday is another day to show kindness, thoughtfulness and appreciate for another. More than once in a while we should put our best foot forward and show love and affection ;). We don’t need K.P.L.C. to ‘turn off’ the lights to remind us that we forgot about the romantic aspect of our relationship(s). We have to make a conscious choice to make our love lives not just meaningful but also fun and exciting.  This year forward, am turning off the negative energy about this day and instead celebrating all the lovers all over the world on this special day and the many more to come.

This post is dedicated to the lovers out there who inspire and portray what loving another means. The ones that love the next so deeply and unconditionally that you can see it in their eyes. Those ones whose sight of them makes you smile sheepishly and wish it was you. Lovers who remember there is no love without forgiveness. The ones who bring the best out of the other without changing them.Those who love without limits or inhibitions, giving their all. Those who know their better-half by just the look in their eyes, sound of their voice and body language . Those lovers who know sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. In short, this is dedicated to the lovers who put into practice the qualities of love described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

It is not easy letting someone in because some are lost in fear of past hurt but your love for them was so patient that you knew she/he was worth the trouble. You are kind in everything you do. You fight and don’t keep tabs of the wrong doings and for once you can breath and be not afraid of what will happen next when you disappoint them. You trust her enough to let her roam free because you know no matter what happens she will always come back to you and you to her. You always protect them whether that means you anger them with the truth or punch another for being disrespectful to her. How amazing is this love that you once dreamt of and now you run it. A love that perseveres all lows and hopes only for the best. Yes, you have flaws and you knew that when you got together but the fact that you don’t delight and rub them in each others face is amazing. I actually think that’s what makes you extra special. Yes, sometimes you get so infuriated with him/her but you don’t let that cloud your love for them. Hence your love never fails. Am I sugar coating things? Heck no. These kind of relationships do exist. It’s just that the attention given to the bad ones overshadow the ones that are working out. And every one deserves to experience that at least once in their lifetime. You are two amazing people and despite what happens you always find your way back to each other. (By the way, I have been wondering how you do it and wouldn’t mind some tips.) You make this love thing look so beautiful and easy.

Thank you for choosing love and believing in it. Thank you for choosing each other over and over. Thank you for being a wonderful role model, yes you been faulty here and there but you still hacked it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I celebrate you on this special day. I wish you joy that surpasses all understanding, a heart so big that is always willing to forgive even when it’s so hard, health so that you may grow old together, love so deep and strong to keep you looking forward to another day together, I wish you fun and excitement with each other, I hope you have open honest communication to see through not only the tough days but also the glorious ones, …may your relationship goals come true. Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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