A Girl on a Mission

“I would rather have 30 minutes of extraordinary than a lifetime full of ordinary,” some character from a movie -Steel Magnolias- that I watched recently said that. I second her but then again I thought to myself, extraordinary happens every day but we are too busy to take note. We are too busy being busy to notice of the  beauty that’s around us. It’s all up to us to make our lives magically. And it’s about time I get started on mine.

I love writing. I looove playing with words. Their is beauty and power in words that gets me so excited like a kid high on sugar. The fact that you can wear any kind of mask and get into the life and feelings of another being is liberating. Then life happens and I forget how to jot down my thoughts; writers block they say. Then I meet someone exceptional and I get this inspirational rush to get back to the drawing board and write all the poetry I can muster to describe him and the love I feel for him. Then it all comes rushing back, so sweetly, and I want to write about anything and everything. Then you think extraordinary doesn’t happen every day. Mmmh… 😜

So today in the morning while perusing through my favorite creative app, I run into a ’30 day blog challenge’ and I thought why not join in the cahoots. If you knew me, you’d know that am not that an open a person and that I love my comfort zone way too much. Yes, fear did a number on me if you haven’t figured that out. And for a moment there I got cold feet as some of the challenges seem too personal and I know what my heart is saying, to go on right ahead and just do it. I can’t surely remember doing something that will challenge me all round. This is it! Am a girl on a mission…. Do join me on this journey.



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