Day 1: My Candy Rush

Ever heard someone laugh so heartily that you feel bound to join in even when you don’t know what they are laughing about? Oh yes, he has that infectious laugh that I cannot get enough off. I totally dig his sense of humor. Laughter makes everything more easy and pleasant and that’s how it always is with him. His voice, his cool deep voice, uh la la, gets me all giddy like am high on sugar. His confidence is a total knock out for me, every time. I smile sheepishly every time I remember something he said that got me all fuzzy inside. Sometimes I just want to sit and stare at him all day long so that my mind can capture every curve, every line, every emotion and motion…like Picasso’s brush strokes on a canvas. But what I hate and love with equal measure about him is when he gives me that ‘am so serious’ face. It drives me nuts and sets off the wrong kind of bells in my head. Nonetheless am crazy about this amazing man. Nothing feels half as magical as loving someone and being loved back.

You certainly don’t know what you have been missing out on till you find it so I better catch up. But am in no rush. I love some things in slow motion. Like the way the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when he calls out my name out aloud. Or how he makes me feel loved and wanted. Or the way pleasure reverberates through my whole body when he says that he loves me. Those kinda moments require a pause, rewind and play button cause I can’t get enough of them. But I shan’t take those for granted. Am grateful that I got and continue to experience that. Grateful about everything, about you, about me and about us. Well, we have had our low moments that have scared me to the bones but we have pulled through. That begot the question, what can we not do or achieve together?

Am elated by the fact that he chose me and I let him in. I was afraid but I let him in. That took a lot of courage and faith on my part and him believing in me and loving me takes a lot of patience and understanding on his part. You know what fascinates about him the most is the fact that he’s amazed that I can pick up things from him. I have learned so much from you, my darling. God I wish and pray there would be more of us. More fun crazy moments. More smiles and laughter till we become breathless. More joy and happiness. More moments that I can run back to your reassuring arms. It’s been a phenomenal journey thus far and we certainly do have more steps to take (a thousand miles kinda steps or infinite numbered steps ;)) because am not yet finished with you. 

So this is a toast from me to you. ‘Here is to giving you my all and holding nothing back, to biting you when you make me so angry and laugh at the same time, to going through unchartered territories together- afraid but with faith in each other-, to making more crazy indelible moments like the ink on our skins and most importantly, here is to sharing precious time and pieces of ourselves with another lovely human being. I love you more than I can play with words. God bless us! ‘


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