Day 2: Time Travel

There is nothing as unnerving as thinking about the future because that leads to the nerve wrecking fear of the unknown. My mind does these countless back-flips of ‘what ifs’. Fear did a number on me, key word being did. But when I realized that the present moment is what counts the most and that what I do today projects my future, I had to make a voluntary effort to take the reins of my unruly mind and focus on the now. I tell you one thing, don’t let your mind run wild, you have to lead and not be lead. That’s how you affect life rather than reflect it. Despite my new perspective, I still have to get a blueprint of how I want my life to turn out. No one should go through life without goals because you’ll drift aimlessly and probably get lost and I don’t want that for me.

Flashforward ten years ahead early in the morning, I rollover my side of the bed and snuggle closely to this warm amazing man who couldn’t have imagined his life without me. Kiss him on the back of the neck and whisper to him how much I love him while he’s half asleep then all of a sudden our bedroom door pops open then in sprints one or maybe two adorable kiddos followed by the excited yelp of my Japanese Spitz, Mist, ready to pounce at us.  Then laughter ensues the room. Uh-huh! We came into this world alone and certainly we’ll leave here alone but that doesn’t mean go through life alone. I want to share the pleasures of life with another being who feels the same way. Somehow life seems exciting when I have to view it through other pair of eyes other my own. And oh boy am looking forward to that.

Maya Angelou once said, “When you get give, when you learn teach.” I concur with her. It’s better to teach somehow how to stand on their own two feet rather than supporting them endlessly. Don’t get me wrong, do share but my caution is not to let that be a dependency when the other can do something on their own and fly to greater heights. That being said and done, my other ten year wish would to have imparted this love for yarn and needles to someone else. Am thinking, knitting classes intertwined with fun and positivity. My knitting classes. I can actually envision the satisfied faces of people who are excited about having finished a knit blanket or a baby’s sweater. Or better yet, meeting a stranger who stops me and thanks me for the beautiful scarf I made that they got from their loved one and that somehow was key on their journey to them patching their relationship. Wow! Changing life in the most simplest of ways.

You could be amazed by how ten years flies away quickly while you were running around living. I don’t want a day, let alone ten years, to pass without me jotting down a word. I find writing therapeutic and uplifting for me. But what about the other person? Words are powerful. I want my words to have mentored someone. Just one. I want to have changed the way one viewed the world away from the negative lens to the beauty it has to offer. I want to have made someone hope for the first time or stopped someone from wrecking their life. Just one person. That one person might change another person’s life and him/her change another… And the chain continues like a domino effect. Just one person in my ten year existence.

I want to have traveled the world but not before I take a road trip through Kenya. To mingle with people of other races with different views and beliefs. I want to have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, I want to have learned to belly dance and incorporate yoga in my every day to day activities but most importantly in ten years I want to have practiced gratitude that it’s the way I live, I want to have moved mountains by a faith grown so deep by not only prayer and positive action, I want to have left an imprint on the people of this earth, I want to be happy and at peace. I want to be FREE! That’s where I see myself in ten years.


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