Till the end of time

As I sit and gaze at the beauty of the stars,
I realize it hasn’t been easy loving me,
That I have been the cause of some your scars,
Those ones that you try so hard to hide,
Thought of what I have done paralyses me into a daze,
But you chose to forgive and give love instead.
I know forgiveness is second nature to your love,
And shall not take that for granted.

My God, you are just breathtaking.
What did I do to deserve a love so heavenly?
A love so unending as the ocean waters?
A love as strong as a diamond?
I really am lost of words, just full of emotions.
It feels so damn good to love someone who gives you their all.
And if this is a dream let none wake me up.
I don’t know how long,
How long the laughter.
How long the smile.
How long the adoration.
How long the love.
How long the touch.
All I know is the warmth of your smile.
The admiration in your eyes.
The feel of your skin on mine.
The joy of your laughter.
The assurance of your embrace.
And the power of your kiss.
Hoping they will last as long as we live.
I swear you are second to none.
And I will love you till the end of time.


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