Day 3: My top 5 Pet peeves 😷

When I thought I know as much English words and phrases as possible I run into ‘pet peeves’. Pet peeve is something negligible that annoys you like crazy and can be quite acceptable to others. These are my top most five ;
1. Someone not washing their hands after using the restroom and then handling food. Sickening!!!
2. Throwing trash away yet the bin is a few metres away. Com’on how lazy you can be not to carry your trash for a few metres.
3. Chewing food or gum with the mouth open making that smack noise. Ai-ya-ya! So irritating.
4. Someone who borrows my book and returns it aged, with dog ears and stains of food in it. That’s why I don’t share my books just ebooks.
5. People who put others down. This is a total bummer. You know usually it reflects back on how they feel about themselves and not you.


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