Day 4: Let’s talk Religion

I was born into a Christian family and raised to believe in their beliefs and norms. Every Sunday I would go to church diligently and like a ritual along with my friends. I loved the singing, memorizing of Bible verses, listening to the fascinating stories and of course socializing with children from different backgrounds. But deep down inside I never was comfortable. How can I fear this magnificent God who created me out of love? That’s contrary to things. What about the poverty, violence and sickness around me,  did he create that too? How can I live life wanting to do certain things but due to someone beliefs not be allowed to? How can I be free in Christ if am limited to do whatever I want?

All that plus I struggled with this thing called faith. I couldn’t fathom believing in something not seen. I was a timid kid and couldn’t gain the courage to ask these questions to any adult? At some point I just stopped. I stopped praying, I stopped asking questions, I stopped going to church and I stopped acknowledging the presence of God. But through thick and thin, I was always taken care of and knew that there was someone greater than me accountable for it. I never really searched for the truth in anything but one way or another I found the answers to my questions.

During some dark moments of my life I met some amazing people who introduced to a new perspective towards life. The secret by Rhonda Byrne being among the tools I was introduced to was a life saver. Finally something inside me resonated with what I was learning. I felt liberated. For the first time I felt like me. I can be, do and have whatever I want and no one will judge me today or any time ever. And despite that I didn’t feel pity for or betrayed by the other who does not believe in my new found faith. I didn’t want to change anyone because I knew their faith is important too. I learnt how to let them choose whatever they want. For the first time I saw beauty in other religions. Wow! Who knew.

Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Science, New thought believers and whatsoever religion out here, there is none greater than the other. We are all equal in the eyes of the creator. We are all given the free choice to whom believe in. Don’t you think if it wasn’t so, our creator or God, would have instilled one religion in our consciousness. We would all be Muslims. We would all be Christians. We would all be Hindus. Et al. But that’s not the case. We have been given free will to chose what to have faith in. Why not then respect each other despite the difference? Why not love the other person who has diverse beliefs than us like the way we love the one to whom we share the same beliefs? One thing is for sure, you cannot go through life without believing in something or someone.


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