Day 5: My favorite pick me up edibles

After a long physical and emotional exhausting day, I just want to cuddle under my hand knit afghans, binge watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or ‘Criminal Minds’ while chewing on my favorite pick me up foods. Damn! That sounds so tempting; I want to run a do that now.

Having some background knowledge on food nutrition and dietetics am amazed that I missed out on this. Maybe it was done on those classes that I skipped. 🙊But what I knew as my pick me up food is actually termed as comfort foods. These are foods that have sentimental or nostalgic effect on us when we are having a low moment and need a positive uplift or when we need to release some negative pressure. They are usually loaded with carbs and are easy to whip up in a matter of minutes.

Noodles with some extra pepper along with hot chocolate tops the list. This sweet and sour combination has this effect that gets me buzzing with energy especially when am down with a cold or flu. Plus I have always wanted to learn how to eat noodles with chopsticks and imagine am in China. I find China so fascinating so you can understand the fantasy.

I used to have this childhood friend to whom every evening we would take nature walks like clockwork and while at it, she’d have fudge chocolate while I would have mint chocolate. Mmmmh… I can even feel the taste of mint choc in my mouth. I used to look forward to that and I think once in a while my mind takes me back their and I find myself in indulging in memories of those memories and also the fact that chocolate helps calms my cramps. So it’s win win.

And how can I forget potatoes crisps along with ketchup or tomato sauce. Uh-uh my stomach is rumbling, Hahaha! It reminds me of those crazy high school boarding days. Those are some fun funky good times with the exception of the reading part. Don’t get me wrong I love reading but not if am going to be tested after. Though I aced it. So after the hectic day of text books and chalk dust, my friends and I would indulge in some finger licking combi of crisps and sauce while cracking jokes. God I miss those days.

And my stomach hasn’t stopped rumbling. So let me feed it. And no, it’s not comfort food. Too much of it is not healthy. Am having some Ugali, greens and stewed chicken necks and hot pepper. #sweet


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