Day 6: All about the Goat’s world

Capricorn comes from a compound Latin word ‘capricornus’ meaning “she-goat” (capra) and “horn” (cornus), which translates the original Greek Aegocerus, “goat-horned.” Hence it’s zodiac symbol the goat. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and usually lands between 22 December and 20 January. It’s ruled by Saturn and it’s an earth element. Our favorite flower is carnations and favorite colors are dark blue and dark green. While our lucky numbers are 2 and 8.

Capricorn women tend to be focused and ambitious and that somehow comes out as if we are too serious. We take life as an all or nothing affair and aim for the top. Capricorn women tend to take so much value in their home and loves her family deeply. Her passions run deep. We are good at problem solving, multi-tasking and we are also multi-talented. She is patient, realistic and hardworking among other of her good qualities. As long as Capricorn is confident in her mate and knows the route to their destination, she’ll exhibit all the wonderful Capricorn woman characteristics that make her so endearing. She sticks to her man through thick and thin if she gets the respect and attention she deservimage


With all that glory being said and done about the she-goat, she does have her flaws. She can be insecure, a little bit bossy, materialistic, greedy and easily depresimage


Oh yes, that is my zodiac sign. And if you were born and raised in a place like mine, you were always remind fervently not to read or believe such. They were satanic apparently. I never saw the truth in that because it never made sense. I still read them. But now that I am grown, I know better. Sometimes parents think the way to give us the best is to guide us through a strict limiting line not knowing sometimes that just wants us to do what we are told not to. That being besides the point, I don’t see how a zodiac sign affects my persoimage


I tend to be bossy around the home. I want to find it all kept a certain way like I left. I love pink carnations. I find the number 8 fascinating as it reminds me of the infinite symbol, infinite possibilities. I can be quite patient too. I am an imaginative being, life is too amazing to be a realistic person. I tend to give my all or nothing too. I can safely say am multi-talented and can multi-task quote easily. My home is my top most favorite chill spot. Being a hopeless romantic, I am a ride or die kind of chic. Monday is my favorite day and purple and black my favorite colors.

Am I greedy? I don’t know. Materialistic? Perhaps. Everyone wants a fabulous life one way or another. Me, Michelle O.,depressed? I definitely don’t see that. But I do get low at some point.

Yes, so many things about the she-goat tells my story but not all. I have come to believe like Shakespeare also did, that if I can desire a virtue I can acquire it. I will not let anything or anyone determine who I am or will be. Am not going to limit myself to a star sign, so should you.


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