Day 7: Trotting down memory lane

A lot has changed these days. Kids would rather be couped up inside than be outside playing. I wish it was books that got them all fixated instead of technology. Technology has done wonders to our lives but it has somewhat demeaned some part of our lives. A few kids come out to play but it ain’t as exciting as it was back in my days. Am a 90’s kid and we were very much addicted to the outside. I remember our parents would complain endlessly that we play way too much. If you got grounded you’d be stuck  watching from the inside while others played  and you’d feel like going crazy because you are missing out on all the fun.

You see adventure and games were the only toys we knew. We would wake up early with the cocks ready to take on the day. Gender and race didn’t not matter to us and we would mingle with any one who wanted in on the fun. We played a game we crowned ’rounders’. It was one of our favorite. It has almost the same ground rules as baseball with a few differences here and there. Instead of a bat and ball we had a ball made of clothing, of course heavier than the wind. Two people opposite of each other handling the ball while the rest of the team running around four corner post counting up to ahundred. These two people would throw the ball to each other 3 times then someone had to go in at the centre trying not to get hit and when s/he catches the ball, throws it as far as possible giving him and the rest of the team a chance to run through the corner posts. But if they get hit, s/he would be out and that’s how it would go till everyone not handling the ball is out. It was super fun because we were so many and it would take ages to hit us all. You just hoped it wasn’t you handling the ball.

When it got too hot, however, we would go to a local school nearby for a swim. Wish you could see us swimming like fishes for hours. Then, water polo would be our game of choice. We wouldn’t stop till the pool attendant physically chased us away from the water.

If the pool wasn’t open and it was way too hot to play rounders, we resorted to go through the bushes and farms of others to pluck sugar cane, mangoes and guavas. Yes, we were very mischievous kiddos. And when you thought getting caught red-handed stealing someone else’s produce was the least of our worries, we got chased by wild dogs. You’d literally run while screaming at the top of the lungs for help if you think you could outrun them or better yet you would climb a tree  till they were gone. Hahaha! I used to look forward to these bush adventures because it got my adrenaline pumping like crazy. That’s the part I miss the most.

Not forgetting playing games like shake, hide and seek, ‘blada’, hop scotch or ‘msongesho’ as we knew it among other endless games. We never were out of things to do.

Yes, I got toys. Almost every Christmas but by the time January rolled over, I would have dismantled the toy just curios to see what it’s made of. We all got toys, but would rather experience things in the physical than play with something physical. Hence I had no favorite toy just games and adventure.


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