Day 9: Trading places

I can’t quite remember what I desired to be when I was a growing. Sometimes I think life happened too fast and I kind of skipped a stage. Ha! ha! ha! I think everyone thinks that at some point. If I had to do it all over again and choose what path I would choose it would be easy peasy. Between being a photographer, musician, dancer and artist like Picasso, I would go for musician cum songwriter any day. All four are exciting but music sums it all. You capture what is going on around you through your minds eye, paint it into words and while you are at it you sing and dance your mind, heart and soul out. Magical! Powerful!

There is something about music that’s wonderful and liberating. I wish it was my first love. It’s the way it makes me feel. It’s the way it makes me want to dance my worries away. It’s the way it woos me like no man has ever had. It’s the way it has seen me through peaks and valleys. It’s the way it feels to my ears, pleasant. It’s the way it affects me, directs me and uplifts me. It’s the way it understands me and cares for me. It’s the ways it always they for me. It is, It is like a lover. That one Paul describe about to the Corinthians.

If I feel this way: liberated, motivated, celebrated, needed, wanted…. I imagine others are feeling the same. Power of music I tell you. Impacting just one person with my musical vibes. And then they do the same to another like a chain reaction and not necessarily through music. Just one person. Magical!

If I could have any job in the world, I would be a musician.


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