Liberating the Generation

They want me to turn down my ambition,
And to make me forget about my vision.
Killing my creative mind with their hints of suppression .
Lord, hold me so that I may not fall down into depression.
I don’t want to be their victim of oppression,
Neither do I want any standing ovation,
Because I am my number one motivation,
I will not be blinded by the attention,
Or hang on the balance waiting on their confirmation.
Am not yet done and the least of my worries is adoration.
And exultation.

This is a dedication,
To those who are not moved by society’s limitations,
Those who want a stronger foundation
And are not afraid of diversification.
May you take charge and rise to the occasion!
This is a journey and not you final destination.
Hence do not fall for free solicitation,
Because not everyone wants you to find liberation.
Your dreams need no validation,
Or better yet justification.
They only need your undying preparation.
Don’t let anyone take away your conception,
Out of pure desperation.
Ideas need time for fertilization
And  germination.
There is no other way or substitution.
And always remember, you need no authentication,
From family, friends or your nation.
Soldier on with determination,
And you might reach the population with your positive vibration.


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