Day 10 : Guilty Pleasure


You know that activity that gets you so exhilarated even though to some extent might be detrimental thus the guilty. You may do it to de-stress or beat boredom. These are my top most guilty indulgences;

Listening to a song that I love on repeat: Be it a new hit song or an all time oldie, once am hooked am hooked. You’d think am crazy,¬† bumping and grinding to the same jam. And it never grows old on me

TV series marathon: Binge watching on an investigative, medical drama and sci-fi series while knitting gives me some amazing feelings. Only another knitter can a test to this.

Re-reading a book or re-watching a TV series or movie I enjoyed: You never know what you might find that you missed the first or the second time. Plus knowing how the end is like you focus on other aspects.

Baking: I entirely blame this on my sweet tooth. From cookies, to pies and the cakes. I don’t know if it’s making them from the scratch or eating them that entices me more.

Sleeping: Best of all my guilty pleasures. When we take on more responsibilities we tend to appreciate sleep more. The bed is my other favorite spot, sleeping as if tse tse has bitten me even if at the expense of other activities.

Social media: Guilty as charged. Especially early in the morning when I get my drop of inspiration from pinterest boards and photo sharing on Instagram. Not forgetting my Facebook rendez-vous. I sometimes get so fixated that I look like a zombie.


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