Day 13: Where I want to be


It’s one thing to travel through imagination and it’s another thing to travel there in the physical. But that’s the point of imagination; to get where you dreamt about being. To experience the beauty with all your five senses active and your feelings too. Oh yes, traveling has been part of my desire and is surely on my bucket-list. I doubt there is any person who doesn’t want to explore the planet other. Some do and some don’t due to some unfortunate reason(s). I pray and believe to be in the former category. And since preparation meets opportunity, I do have an idea of what places I would love to visit. With the inclusion of my home country. That gets my adrenaline rushing because my mind’s eye for sees a road trip.


Masai Mara, Kenya. Not just because of the wildebeest migration but also the air balloon and bungee jumping that come as compliments to the National Park. Something is also amazing about the sun setting in the background and the animals on the foreground that I would love to experience.


Zanzibar, Tanzania . I saw a picture of Zanzibar in a magazine that got me fixated about that island. It is BEautiful with lack of a better word. I can feel my body being engulfed by the salty water.


Niagra falls, U.S.A. and Canada border. Three waterfalls next to each other. Just among the many fascinations the United States has to offer.


Pink Sands beach, Bahamas. Eish! Just look at that sand. Need I say more?


Caribbean islands. I once had a magnificent dream. It was so vivid and at some point I felt like I was there. Experiencing the dream like it was real. I was in the Caribbean islands. It was sunny, the water was clear and blue and atmosphere was totally serene. It spurred a fire in me. Plus my love for reggae music and the dancing makes my heart say yes to going there.


Japan. I can’t remember where exactly this is in Japan but it just ignited more fire to go exploring there. Their food, culture, technology…..


Golden gate Bridge, San Francisco. Look at that. Whoever took that picture has a magical touch. Who wouldn’t want to drive across a bridge this famous bridge that we see countless times in movies and series.


The great Wall of China 😍😍
These are just among the few or many places I would love to visit. Just realized there is a link between where I want to go and a large water mass. Perhaps it’s because there is something zen about water


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