Don’t give up on love

When things go haywire that’s when people give up on love. Question is, are we there only for the good times and not the bad? Or do we have weak belief systems? Everything in life is about faith. Sometimes we get weak but we don’t give up, never give up. Not only the relationships with the special one but also day-to-day persons we come in contact to with. We learn to give. Give our precious time, give our undying love whether it’s reciprocated or not and give away our trust.


We let our guards down, showing our weaknesses and flaws making us imperfect individuals still capable of loving and being loved. It’s rather we give than take. It’s better to believe in love rather not to know what to do at all. It’s worthier to take a risk in loving another and be loved than to miss out on it all due to the flying misconceptions.


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