Day 15: It’s me

1. If one day I woke up and found all written words have been banished I might go crazy.
2. I find solace in silence and darkness.
3. I have never cuddled. Maybe with the exception of my afghans, music and a  book.
4. Am obsessed with yarn and needles.
5. I find the rain quite fascinating. I know the science behind it but it always seems magical.
6. Am an undercover hopeless romantic 😉
7. I was bullied in primary school about my name, skin color and weight that once I skipped class and got caught. My siblings tease me endlessly about that.
8. In another life, I must have been a dancer or musician.
9. I collect books and my library is growing.
10. The only make up I put on myself is an eyeliner.
11. Am a sucker for funny people. Laughter makes things lighter.
12. I wish someone once told me that it’s never that serious and that I should have fun.
13. Is it weird if I have a romantic moment by myself?
14. I certainly cannot sleep with the lights on.
15. I have been in love three times. The third time is a charm.


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