Day 16: My two cents on mainstream music

I love and enjoy music. I would listen to it any time, day or night. Sometimes it makes some boring or challenging task(s) seem fun and/or easier. Sometimes it’s the perfect thing to pass time with. But most of the time I listen to music for inspiration or perhaps to help me think. That for me means the content of the music does really matter. I would listen to one song on repeat for hours if it spur something in me or made me feel more alive. Yes, I also love that kinda music that makes me want to bump and grind there and then. So I too have fallen in the popular music ‘fad’ as they love to put it. Going with the trend; out with old music of last week and in with this week’s hot play. There is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has freedom of choice.


This is yet another new area for me.
According to, mainstream music is a genre in music and other forms of media that is often defined by widely-accepted and currently-popular standards, trends, and hypes that have been established by the media, typically resulting in the promotion of superficial traits. With that definition, I still doubt that mainstream music is a genre but the definition sums it all up. This is those kind of music that is readily digested without much thinking. It is all about money making rather than looking on the music content. It’s all about whose popular rather than making music that drives the nation. It’s all about instant gratification rather making people think. It’s devoid of emotions and mostly all about fame,  fun, sex, money and drugs. It’s the easy way out and very much devoid of emotions.

Music is a powerful tool. And the point of it apart from entertainment is to move people, to inspire, to add richness to life. Where would we be without music? Where would you be without music? Where would I be without music? At some point, during a blurry moment in your life, music saw you through. I know it did for me. It was the kind of music with positive vibes, positive aspect on life. I don’t mind the ‘fast food’ kind of music but I would promote music with something in it any day. There these artists out here with so much vision and talent than we give them credit and time for. They do deserve more airplay,  love and support because they move us forward. They liberate our minds. They awaken embers of desire that were almost out. They make us think out of the box. They open the creative channels for positive energy flow. They…

I say yes to music with content!


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