Day 19: I wish I knew

How comes no one told me that I am beautiful?
But I probably wouldn’t have believed the scoundrel.
For I thought I was just dull
Like the ugly duckling and my so mind null.
What did this much damage to my soul?
I certainly wouldn’t blame it on the devil.
Why couldn’t I be useful?
And harmful,
Were my constant people.
Always, I was the watchful
While the rest of the belles were being flirtatious and playful.
How comes they didn’t see my look so lustful?
No heart showered me with love letters or petals.
Seemed like the only romance I would get was from a novel.

Why didn’t anyone tell me to stop waiting for a hero,
That it was a futile act leading to zero?
I just watched my discovery days down the drain, go.
Why didn’t you tell me? Oh!
I will not play the blame game,
For now I know,
Beauty is not standardized.
Now I know,
I attract who I am.
Now I know.
If I could turn back time,
I would love and believe in myself endlessly.
I would throw care to the wind and have fun unashamedly.
But to hell with then.


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