Day 20: Education

The peaks of being human is that, unlike animals, having five senses and an impeccable mind we need and have a way to express what we feel and think with another. We have this urge to share with the world our love for rhythm and sound. We have this want to share with other people love for words. We want to, we need to learn about the one next to us and our surroundings thus making life much better. That can only happen through the help of a system of some form. Education does the job just perfectly. It’s a starter course and the by-product depends on whether we apply what we have learned or not.

Education was derived from the Latin word ēdūcō‘ meaning to draw out or lead from within. Education is the process by which an individual acquires knowledge, skills, beliefs, values and habits. It can be facilitated by an educator or the individual can educate themselves especially  in this era when knowledge is only a keystroke away. Technology has had an increasingly significant role in improving access to education. Depending on the setting, education can be acquired formally or informally.

I believe education is the beginning of something great if the individual’s aim is to uplift themselves. Or better yet that it is the beginning of the understand of how we as individuals and our surroundings operate. Through education we get to not only express ourselves but also to understand things, analyze and/or interpret from our experiences. We get to improve our living standards. Of course at some point, countless individuals have shown that education might be necessary and important but it’s certainly not the only way to a richer more fulfilling life.


If education does not stir something inside people then am afraid it has definitely missed the mark. It’s not about filling information up in students and expecting them to retort back what was put in. It’s not about accepting things as they are without asking questions.  Education is certainly not about being better than the other. It is not about acquiring wealth and status.

Education should be about liberation, communication and  exploration. Along with personal development. Growing that common mwananchi and the nation alike.


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