Day 21: Pick me. Choose me. Love me

I was fresh out of high school, had plenty of time and basically no activity in particular to indulge in. The yarn and knitting obsession hadn’t kicked in yet. Then I stumbled upon cases of DVDs that belonged to my small brother. Weird. He was not much interested with the TV as much as his love for metallic things(boys will always be boys). So my curious level peaked. On the deck the new found DVDs went.


I was glued. Cuddling under an Afghan with no disturbance. I didn’t want to move let alone go to the ladies to relieve myself. It was that great. Mind you I started watching from season two. The characters had this fire in them that got me adoring them. They were so passionate, funny and they got me looking forward to my tertiary education. One scene particularly got me teary, perhaps it triggered a memory. Meredith was pleading with Derek.
“Okay… Here it is. Your choice it’s simple, her or me. And I’m she is really great. But, I love you… In a really, really big… Pretend to like your test of music, let you eat last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your bedroom window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me, ” Meredith Grey.


Shonda Rhymes (creator, writer and executive producer of the show) is certainly a phenomenal woman. Grey’s Anatomy is a show on its own level. No other medical drama can reach its level. I stand to be corrected though. I have watched all 12 seasons minus season one. I have repeated several seasons and it never grows old. I love it. I love it.

It’s the raw emotions that the characters portray that gets one hooked. It’s the way that the most of the themes touches on our day to day struggles of relationships. It’s they way they teach us subliminally that there is always a flip side to every dark situation. It’s the way they portray that love can concur all or the fact that you may love someone bit that doesn’t mean you should be with them. It’s there passion that so eye catching. Oh and they are totally smoking hot. Uh la-la.

I totally loved and enjoyed every bit of Derek’s and Meredith’s relationship. It’s the way they fight, never give up on each other and patch up. It’s the way they are both passionate about their work as well as their family. They make it work despite what. Though I was heart broken when Derek had to die. Total buzz kill. Avery was and is totally awesome but couldn’t he have been given a character to whom held on to their woman. Who am I question his role….. I could go on and on because every character has an amazing personality.

Any day is a day to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Come rain, come shine.



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