Day 22: Wriggling out of the cocoon


You are not the same person that you were a few years ago. You are not the same person you were a few months ago. Heck, you are not the same person you were yesterday. You change constantly. You have not only changed physically but also emotionally, socially and psychologically. Change happens on all levels. It’s inevitable. Darwin ones said it’s survival for the fittest. Meaning you have to make a choice to grow thus changing in order to not only survive but thrive. And I believe that sometimes when you become reluctant to change, the universe forces you and it’s most certainly not pretty. Change is sometimes not easy and most likely scary that’s why some don’t make the move. But always remember you either grow or ‘die’.

I am not in the place I saw myself 3 years ago. My future was to be more brighter. 2013 was one year I thought I would not have made it. It was bleak and heart wrenching. I was thrown a curve ball and I didn’t have the courage to change the direction of the bat, just a little, to hit it. I was stuck and for a moment I just wanted to stay stuck. The change was too tough for me to chew. My faith and values tested to the core. Lostif not most of my friends. I felt helpless, hopeless and powerless. I thought the change was way too strong than I was.


Being a creature of habit, I loved anything that’s had to do with my comfort zone. Same routine, same friends, same activities everyday heck even same position when it comes to personally development. But I had dreams, still do. Dreams I vowed to achieve. Dreams that I couldn’t realise if I stayed in my comfort zone. Just a little bit shifting of my perspective got me afloat just until calvary arrived. That meant building back up everything. Change. I thought it would break me but instead it built me. Never did I know faith would come in handy. Never did I know I could stir up strength to get me going. But I made it. Changed.

The female crowd can agree with me when I say, change especially when it comes to appearances is damn frightening. It’s how our skin is well toned up and glowing. It’s how our hair is healthy, lustrous and has volume. It’s how we have curves and bumps in the right places. It’s how our teeth are perfectly aligned and bright. Et al. To a great extent, beauty defines us women. Society made sure of that. And anything that would threaten that is a no no. So when I made the decision to trim my locs, I was scared. Would I still feel beautiful? Would I still turn heads. Oh Lord. It took lots of courage and I did it eventually. However, I hide for about a week. But look how it turned out. Stunning. I don’t know what I really was afraid of.


Change has its peaks. It may mean starting that business though being scared and witnessing it soar. It may mean telling that one person that you are into them despite fearing rejection and they confess the feeling is mutual. It may mean opening yourself up to new people though afraid of showing your flaws and despite that ending up making lifelong friends… And you will never known until you try. So for the reminder of this month and the next, may it be a period of beautiful transformation.


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