Day 24: Just Wright for me

As far as I’ve come to know, everyone wants to be respected, wanted and loved. That’s how we end up searching for ‘the one’ or better yet our soul mate for those who want something deeper. I bet nothing feels as good as finding someone who is in love with you as you are with them. The one you can’t live without. That someone who gives you their all and take you as whole. Being with that imperfect person perfectly tailored to your preference all wrapped around with a ribbon on them, is beyond nice. Goosebumps.

Love is a great thing. Finding love is a phenomenal affair. Bit it’s not always black and white.

‘Don’t break too many hearts, ‘ Leslie’s father warned her as she drove off towards Scott’s birthday party.
You see Leslie bumped into Scott at the gas station. He was on the phone talking charity while he was busy looking for the gas port on his brand new car off the assembly line. Leslie being a die hard fun for Scott’s basketball team, the Nets, couldn’t resist getting out of her car to help he. They clicked. Over basketball. Over jazz. They clicked till Morgan happened. Apparently Leslie was only into ordinary men. Wish she knew better . That’s how Scott’s and Morgan’s love story ensued.

Leslie Wright was the chief physical therapist at a rehabilitation Centre and very good at it for that matter. She has a beautiful mind, gorgeous personality and fine beauty. Though Leslie had gone to a number of dates, none got her what she truly desires: the one to whom she couldn’t be without. Morgan on the other hand is all about the exterior; beauty and legs, status quo and wealth. Wanting to be among the basketball wives, she decided to give Scott something ‘different ‘. This version of Morgan was into charity, animals and anything that changed the world. The love birds were all over each other. Though the masquerade became too much of a challenge for Morgan when Scott was injured during a game. The handsome starring was dumped and his ex-fiance went back in the millionaire dating pool because she wanted to be someone.

It was up-to Leslie to help continue this beau’s dreams. While they were getting all sweaty, sparks fired, secret glances exchanged, stolen smiles, bonding over music and food and finally hearts changed ribcages between Leslie and Scott. Leslie became Scott’s hero when she rehabilitated him back to the basketball court. Yes, he is still a champion. That attracted Morgan back… In the end Scott married Leslie. They were just Wright for each other. And Leslie combined her passion for basketball and her career expertise to work for her beloved Nets.

Queen Latifah (Leslie Wright) and Scott McKnight (Common) are amazing actors. God I love this movie! I have watched it countless times. Heck, I am watching it while writing this. It gets me all bubbly and excited. Smiling while they were smiling. Enjoying their company as they enjoy each other’s company. It gives me hope that I’ll find what my heart wants. A minor glimpse of my love story. I want it all. I especially love that scene when Leslie and Scott lock lips. You know that scene right after Scott tells Leslie, ‘You are not my fallback plan… Be stubborn all you want but I know you. I know you love me. I know those feelings didn’t conveniently fade away cause you are mad at me and you have every right to be. But, am not leaving these grounds without you. Am not waking up another morning without being able to look at you next to me. Leslie, you are just right for me… ‘

Funny enough I always get distracted when the movie reaches that scene. Yes, I adore kissing scenes. I must be attentive this time round. Do you think my other whole will love watching ‘Just Wright’ with me countlessly especially when it’s raining? Just the wright romance movie for us? Shhhhh… It’s the kissing scene. Tell me the answer after it passes.


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