Day 26: A million things from a million dollars


‘The love for money is evil’ and not the other way around. This misconception that money is evil has been around for ages and has distorted many minds to think poverty in some way is admirable. Since we are all connected to everyone and everything, organic and non-organic matter, nature shows us in its abundance that there is more than enough for everyone. Money included. So no need to hoard or embezzle or squander from others. From my point of view, money is important and having enough of it to cater for your wants and needs is an amazing experience. Money opens you up to new experiences and people. It connects you you to countless possibilities. It gives you freedom to have want you want. It gives you time freedom among other things. But don’t get me wrong, money is not the end but a means to an end. So what would I do with $1,000,000 if given?


There is a rule am trying to implement that I can’t quite remember where I picked up from. The 70:20:10 rule. Where 10% of money earned goes to savings, 20% goes to investment and the rest to cater for your wants and needs. Money management is something that we are not taught in schools. They forget to tell us importance of how subtraction  and division equals money going out while addition and multiplication is all about money growing. Thus most of the time due to lack of knowledge we end up misusing our resources. Therefore the first thing I would do with my millions is put the appropriate percentages into savings and investments of course with the aim to grow more for days to come. It’s not always about instant gratification.


Maya Angelou once said, ‘When you learn teach. When you get give.’ It is an awesome act to give back growing not just yourself but the community as a whole. I will give away $100,000 to a cause that not only changes the happenings of now but to whom who are concerned with what is to come. And I have a perfectly good idea which community. My sisters and brother do go on and on about some of their dreams and I might just Christmas wrap for them early. I would gift $10,000 to each family member and those below 18 years, my two nephews and niece for that matter, their share would be put in a trust. I can see my alpha sister expanding her business as she has always desired. I bet my beta sister would go on into a bigger home with enough space for my two nephews to run around in. My omega sister would be getting her photojournalism career now that she would be equipped with better tools. My brother, oh, I see him going places that I have never imagined myself and I know he would do justice to the 10 grand. My mum would probably invest it. I don’t know about paps. We are down to half a million dollars. What about gifts to my friends and one and only lover? Mmmm… Yes, to appreciate having them in my life (5 languages of love).

How about I get myself a nice apartment before I get hitched and kiddos start popping and demanding space to run around. My own safe haven.


It’s about time I get the passport ready because booking an easter holiday to Zanzibar is next on the list right after signing up for a financial management class. Centonomy will my school of choice, I find how they tackle about issues surrounding money quite creative. Investment in self is especially important because you either grow or you move forward, you can’t stay stuck at one point. That’s where belly dancing and guitar classes come in, along with pastry, baking and general cooking classes. Not forgetting learning the saxophone and some yoga.

Why am I forgetting binge shopping for books and yarn? Damn! Lotsa lotsa yarn and countless books from my favorite authors and new authors too. Go shopping for clothes, shoes, art pieces… MOTORBIKE!!! The list is endless.

Having dough is an amazing thing.


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