Day 28: Flashback


Have you ever met some to whom you felt so connected to? No fussing if they will like you or not, no butterflies making you restless and no sweaty palms for that matter. You just clicked. Soul mates I presume.

Then begins the whirlwind friendship. Endless talking about things that fascinate you two. Passionate debates but with openness to the others opinion. Drooling over music that gets you all happy, nostalgic and hyperactive. Talk about books, poetry, art among other things. Sitting under the stars if you are in different places and just be amazed by the bejeweled dark skies together just as it is right now breathtaking and unadulterated. Sharing fascinating things that reminded you of each other. Following each other everywhere like lost sheep. Ha!ha!ha! And even in a short span you feel as if you have known each other forever. You just can’t get enough of each other. I have several friendships like that and perhaps one, two romantic affairs. We can have more than one soul mate you see and not necessarily romantically.

Then life happens and knowing you can’t follow each other forever, you part ways to pursue varied ventures. Sometimes you keep tabs on each other but other times you lose touch but the connection is still there. That song that reminds you of them or better yet their favorite movie. Bumping into their crush and you are left giggling alone on that memory like a fool. Or simply the food you used to indulge in together takes you back there. I miss that. I wish I could have it back. But everything happening for a reason, you go with the flow and let it be.

Memories are good but they somewhat tend to keep us in the past. I fall victim to that habit quite frequently; reminiscing. I hold too dearly to the past that I even think sometimes I forget to make new ones. That’s the down fall, for to rethink about the past is to infect the future. Nonetheless, memories are part of our being. There are never dead just innate waiting to be reincarnated if you wish so. But I forewarn you, please choose the pleasant memories.


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