Day 29: My panel of ten

I remember reading about a man who when encountered with a problem, sat still, summoned ten people (in his imagination) he thought would help him come with a solution to the problem and the debate will begin, all in his mind. And it worked every time. People with great minds, different thought process, phenomenal talents and great faith tend to rub their qualities on us whether it’s through the medium of a book or in person.


If I was to meet ten people tonight for dinner, dead or alive, it would be the following ten. The meal would be simple but exotic from the Ethiopian cuisine; zigni along with injera. Zigni is often eaten with injera and some salsa. A single large dish is placed on a coffee table or on the floor, where everyone eats from with the help of a piece of injera. Then perhaps we would begin sharing thoughts and debate passionately here and there. Sounds fun and perhaps I would get much from the encounter.

1.Emeli Sande: marvelous singer and song writer
2.Bob Proctor
3.Neville Goddard: new thought author and practitioner
4.Nikola Tesla: inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer
5.Rhonda Byrne: Best-selling author of The Secret, The Power and The Magic
6.Joseph Murphy: Author and health practitioner
7.Jah Cure: King of lovers rock
8.Neale Donald Walsch: New age philosopher
9.Nora Roberts: best-selling romance writer
10.Shonda Rhimes: award winning TV show producer, writer, director


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