My first love

Just a text from you got my adrenaline rushing.
How I wish you could’ve seen how my eyes danced at the sight of you
And knew how I loved the sound of my name on your lips.
Should I’ve called just to tell how my heart bled for you,
How my mind was stuck on a memory loop of you,
And how my dreams were paused for a year or two?
How I’d wait to go to sleep,
For there was a possibility we would meet when I closed my eyes.
You were my first love.

Remember that last kiss?
That one that I was too proud to take.
And the first embrace that made my mind go amiss?
How wish I could bring me those magical times
That I may go through one long and lonely day.
I was too afraid to say what was in my heart,
You were in my heart flowing through my veins.
Loving me was like your perfect love song,
How then did you become so deaf
to my rhythm?
How I’d sit under the stars
Remembering I was the reason for your scars,
Am deeply sorry for those lost times.
You were my first love.

As you go on
Would you remember my heart?
If I had another chance for lasts words with you,
It would be that I loved you,
My first love.


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