Day 30: Aim, Fire!


Richard Branson once quoted that write down your wishes even if it’s outlandish. Write them. Write them. Write them. A wish remains a wish if its not noted down and in life you can’t reach far if you have no goals. Writing them down makes me a little bit tangible. Yes, we are mid-month so why would I have new goals? I believe in the now, no point of postponing. Here are my goals thus far and shall continue them right into May.

1. Write everyday. There is something liberating and powerful about writing.
2. Listen to one song out of my genre everyday with the aim of trying new things.
3. Read. That includes my favorite genres and one book out of my comfort zone every month
4. Meditate at least three times a day. I had once become good at being still and quieting my thoughts. It was bliss and empowering. It made more focused and in control of my thoughts. That’s a habit worth awakening and keeping.
5. Make giving thanks a habitual practice. There is power in gratitude. Why do you think Jesus gave thanks before he performed his miracles?
6. Research more on investing.
7. Do one yoga pose a day. The bound headstand being the pose of choice.
8. Knit ten domino squares for my current large knitting project.
9. Try at least 3 new recipes. That excludes baking. Our oven jammed 😦
10. Save thirty percent of whatever I receive. My aim being to tame this instance gratification habit, to gather much up when a investment opportunity pops up (preparation meets opportunity) and to cultivate my mind to see the much in the little.
11. Visit an new destination. Traveling excites me so much. I wonder where this place will be.
12. Drink 1782 ml of water everyday. Is sounds simple but quite a challenge for me especially when it’s so hot here in Kenya this time of the year.


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