Where is this love?

Where love exists, fear cannot.
Where love exists, light is all there can be.
Where love exists, happiness and laughter enfold.
Where love exists, only shouts of ululations fill the air.
Where love exists, life thrives.

What about where there is only kicks and blows amidst spritz of crazy love,
Does love exist there too?
Or what about where the mighty put down upon the weak,
Does love thrive there?
And what about where the young minds are suppressed and conformed to one direction,
Does love dwell there?
What about the broken hearted and the forgotten,
Does love dwell in them too?

Does it thrive where the nation tends and mentors the young generation?
Does it exist where the other’s opinions and beliefs matter as much as yours?
Does it live where freedom and servitude is the norm of the state?

How does this love look like?
Does it look ill-clad or Armani dressed?
Does it taste like sugar and spice or is it subtle?
Is it all handsome and flashy or is it plain with a great personality?
Is it high spirited as the raging sea or as calm as a babe new-born?
Does is dwell only in the presence of the ‘holy’ and true or the soul of everything other person?
How do you look like love?
Am dying to grace your presence.


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