I wish

As I sit by the window
The raindrops falling
And the mood so romantic,
I watch keenly as you pass by
Not noticing I even exist,
With that big grin that that I wish I was the cause of.
I wish that you were here besides me.
I wish you would take time
To look at me,
At least once
To acknowledge I exist.
I wish I was of interest to you,
That you would always smile
When you see me coming from a mile.
I wish that you would feel joy
When you are busying playing my favorite toy.
I wish that your eyes would sparkle
When I do something great.
But wishes don’t get us anywhere.
Instead I stop the daydream and live
With the fact that
You will never be mine
Nor will I be yours.
That I would never feel the warmth of your smile,
The wonders of your laughter,
The sparkle of your eyes,
The electricity of your touch
The excitement when your heart beats against mine,
The beauty of your voice
And the amazing feeling of you next to me.


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