Holding you by the waist,
Your face in my palm,
Tempted to take a taste of your lips,
But am in no haste.
I get lost in your gaze,
What I see is the look of love,
Something I’ve been dreaming off for so long, Setting my heart ablaze.
Talking about hearts,
Your’s an indescribable work of art,
Sending positive charged sparks off the vibration chart,
That sets you apart.
Oh the rest of you is paradise.
Giving you some good loving is what I want to do.

Past romance caused me so much pain,
And I swore I’ll never fall in love again,
But this doesn’t feel like falling,
For the love you are giving me is worth an eternity,
Igniting my embers that were almost burnt out.
To the world, I want to scream and shout
You are a soul worth my weight.
I know you want me in your life
And for you that’s how I feel.
Better yet be mine wife,
There is so much out there for me,
But the only thing I want is to be with you.
Slide your hands up my chest,
Do you feel how my heart beats for you?
Let that serenade you, my angel.


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