Special Delivery

Speak to me,
Fill my ears with your beautiful voice.
Without you the sun will have no warmth,
The flowers no beauty,
The rose no erotic stimuli,
The honey no taste
And music no magic in its symphony.
For your love is the rain that falls upon my heart,
Resurrecting every nerve in my body.
Am a by-product of past hurt,
Lord, let’s not travel there
But all that was to prepare me for a soul so smart,
Beauty a magnificent work of art
Mind so magical and vast.

Oh! Am exaggerating you say?
No, love
You are my most priced possession,
My pride and joy,
Treasured obsession
And your lips tastes refined as viceroy.
I could ask where you were all my life
For I had waited desperately, diligently but faith-filled, my sweet angel
But all that matters is that you are here, now.
It feels like I have known you my whole lifetime, I don’t know how.
Another phase of my beautiful journey has ensued.
It’s official!
Let’s soar in love.


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