Wednesday Crush Woman; Phenomenal Woman


Her eyes among the beautiful things I have ever seen.
Body curved like the hand made African clay pot.
Glowing smooth skin that got me glaring with adoration.
Confidence as tall as the tower Eiffel.
Legs so amazingly sculpted by the Potter so talented.
Her smile giving the body curves a run of its shape.
She has a mind so deep as the grand canyon
And boundless as the galaxies.
Lord, her image is the definition of a picture perfect Mona Lisa protégé.

What about she?
Full of infectious laughter bubbling from deep within.
A spirit so free, determined and powerful like Khaleesi’s.
Look at her all tall, tender and slender,
Reminding me of the gorgeous Alek Wek.
Skin dark as tar but still as pretty as the yellow yellow.
Not forgetting her love so unconditional, limitless and divine
Making her beautiful from inside out.
For Saint Augustine proclaimed if love grows in you so does beauty,
For love is beauty of the soul.
She’s the silhouette of the Greek goddesses.

Slender or
Am still in awe of you.
Smile, please, don’t frown
And hold your head up pretty lady.
Don’t let his preference for her make you think you are not worth a second glance.
Or better yet his first choice being you make you think the other has no chance.
Light skinned or nay,
You are beautiful beyond measure.
Size zero is as pretty as size sixteen.
Shorty’s are still powerful as the giraffe belles.
Things as magnificent as beauty can not be standardized.

It’s not how high your skirt can go
But how high you can lift the other XX.
It’s not how much of a magnet you are than she
But how you remind them they are a magnet to who they are and what they want.
It’s not how more successful you are than them
But how you remind them, your success is theirs too.
It’s not how much many heads that you can turn,
But how many heads you raise up to heaven.
Enough of the green-eyed monster phase.
It’s about celebration, jubilation and appreciation for the other woman as I would thyself.


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