Confessions of a love drunk lass

Nothing excites more than the hungry gaze in your eyes
As I whine and grind
Watching my hips hypnotize
Getting ready to pounce on the grand prize.
Belt buckle sounds adding spice to this jingle
As we dagger to the sounds of our hearts forfeiting being dual but single.
Let me rock your mind
Drive you wild and capricious as the wave and wind
As I drink you dry till you feel like you can fly.
Scent so intoxicating every fibre in me reverberates.
Nipples puckered as a high mast flag awaiting adoration.
Soft moans and groans are the only music I crave at this time.
My core warming up to match the flaming heat,
For this is more than meet and greet.
I don’t know if you are ready for this sexual healing,
And filling.
Down on my knees
For the king you are
Body priceless work of art
The ink aside, leaving love notes on this flesh is my aim tonight.
No tease today, am here just to please
Am your slave my knight
Choking on it till my mouth gets sore.
I ain’t playing no games
Just want to whimper and whisper your names
Cause tonight we will not just drink and ride
But get this love amplified and certified.
Legs in the air reaching for the stars
Just how you like it.
Or down on my fours as you openly can’t admit.
Spread them out mon chéri,
Slippery than the eel are my thighs baby.
Diving deep into my heart and soul
Prophesying the crazy love for them.
Drilling my mind senseless
Body dripping wet and very much breathless.
Maybe we can go longer
But I don’t know how much more this bed is gonna be stronger
Rocking till we fall off the bed,
Bodies exploding with ecstasy
As we sore in love
Forgetting about the rest of the world.


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