Crying out 

​How did I end up being so alone? 

With one click at the memory game am back at day one. 

The late night fun, 

Endless exhilarating chit-chat with the hun. 

Early morning excited hellos,

And uh how my skin glows

When you draw in close

With your warm inviting arms.

The profusely sweating palms, 

Butterfly filled stomach… 
Wasn’t what we had worth first class in gold? 

To only turn to be so cold. 

Left in a trance of whys, 

Making my heart want to fly.

The body feels old and jaded

So empty and faded. 

My soul so jubilant, felt like it had met its mate

But now helplessly sits there watching as some part of her walks away .

Now it wants to crumble and die. My mind thought it found a home

For its beautiful twisted creativity 

Seems I rushed too soon into festivity. 

Now all it wants to do is wildly roam. 

Do you think this is my fate? 

That I find love then it turns out to hate. 
Lord, I pray 

That someday

This pain would be all dead and grey.

And these scars ricocheting rays,

Rays that overthrows the hurt and shame of yesterday. 

So am going to have a good cry

To wash out my heart. 

I don’t want it apart in tears

For it has so much love to bear and share

And for all I care

Who knows whose heart I might flare

With this love so tender and rare. 

Leaving their heart bare 

For another soul to love and repair. 


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