Unexpected Metamorphosis 

As I watch the red sun set,

I remember the days, 

You would carry me in your warm arms,

And take me down the sandy beach,

Then like two crazed adolescents,

We would dance in the rain. 

Clenching my face in your hands, 

You would then kiss me passionately. 

When I looked deep in your eyes

A reflect of all the love that you had for me

Is what took my breath away. 

But now, 

Now your heart has become cold, 

Ice-cold that it no longer compete against mine

When put along side. 

You eyes don’t emit any emotion anymore.

Your arms have become too short 

To even embrace me.

And the worst part of this deathlike nightmare

Is that I never saw it come. 

What am I to do? 


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