I met a god! 

​I met a god!

I was speechless for moments at a time. My gaze on him made my heart pulsate faster, Lord my heart was gone then for sure.

My knees shaking here and there, wanting his hands to steady me.

My lips couldn’t help but curve up in a smile and dreaming to lock with his.

So tender was he yet so strong.

His eyes so marvelously deep and brown yet reassuring.

Hands so gentle and loving never falling short of an embrace.

Laugh so infectious and real, I laughed as he laughed.

Smile so breath-taking that I wanted to remain in that kodak moment, forever.

Body perfectly chiseled, needing no tweaking just tender hands to heat it up.

I can not get enough.

Oh! Never will I. 

Lord, I met a god!

So true and spectacular,

For he kept my mind racing,

My soul jubilating,

My body trembling,

And my heart flooding with emotions I have never felt before.
I met a god and I thank thee God for his soul.

Please give me strength to keep on,

Keep on loving his big heart no matter what,

Keep on adoring him even when he falls short of expectation,

Keep on believing in him even when he has given up on himself,

Keep on choosing him each and every day of my life,

Keep on laughing in sync with him,

Keep on smiling when I see him walking towards me,

Keep on wanting him and only him,

Keep on growing on him and with him,

Keep on dreaming besides him,

Keep him for me and only me oh Lord,



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