If I die today

​If I die today,

Grateful I am to be intoxicated by music so phenomenal,

Be swirled in a crazy frenzy of emotions

And be moved till I fall down on my knees, weak and at the same time feel like an flying.
If I die today,

I give thanks for the little moments that got me all sassy and giddy,

The little that lead to the much,

The little pleasures in life that I most of the time took for granted.
If I die today,

I give thanks for the lips that have touched mine making time stop for a moment,

For the sweet lingering hugs that made me feel like am home,

For the times we expressed our love using our hands, lips and tongues,

For how electrifying my name sounded rolling down your lips,

For how lost and found I was gazing deep into your eyes,

For being the one you reach out to in the middle of the night,

For falling in love, I give thanks!
If I die today,

God bless the souls that loved me so dearly and

Believed in me so fearlessly that I felt I could do anything.
If I die today,

Lord knows I’ll still move this body so slow and seductively the way I did starring deep in his hazelnut eyes while wrapped up in his arms,

His heart beating against mine

And his smile telling it all, moving

Till I feel invincible and soaring high like an eagle.
If I die today,

The words I scribbled in the sand,

The stories of fancy I told,

The poetry I wrote that chased his demons away,

The sonnets, oh the sonnets, that I caressed on the sweat on his skin

Were my power,

The best way I could say what and how I felt.
If I die today,

And the only things great I accomplished to do were to

Gaze at the sunset,

Talk to the moon,

Get lost in the countless crystal stars.

If the last thing I do is get lost in the boundless beauty around me

I will be more than blessed and grateful because many can see but are blind as a bat.
If I die today,

I will have known how it feels to laugh till I can no more puff another breathe,

To be happy because I can,

To have cried tears of joy

And to have a heart so full of love and gratitude.
If I die today,

I will surely go with a smile so fine the angels will fall in love with mine.
If I die today though,

Will I die with my dreams tucked deep and tight in my bosom?


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